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I received a prompt response to my inquiry about difficulty ordering my set. They arrived yesterday, with an unsurprising, but not unreasonable duty fee attached (Thanks, Canada). While I haven't tried it out yet, I've been around enough gyms to know this set looks substantial and well put-together. I'll be taking it traveling in a month so I can do all I can to keep fit while I'm away.

Recently received my BGR after forgetting to back the crowdfunding campaign. Great to see the company firstly do so well during the campaign and then to deliver on their promises during what must have been a very difficult time for new starts.

The product itself is extremely robust, great quality materials (apart from the bag but I believe they got stung on that and are aware of it judging by the campaign updates). But who cares, I don't need the bag anyway.

The pull-up bar is a very useful addition! I can't do a pull up but I saw another customer had done a video on how to lower the bar to practice for pull-ups and the dreaded muscle up. I'll walk before I can run 😉

Overall very pleased and happy to see the company, (which I'm pretty sure is just one guy?) doing well.

I've used BGR for about 3 weeks now. Excellent, excellent product! Would buy again if the need arises and would recommend BGR to others!

I have a set of bar grips and rings. They are great addition to my home fitness regime. I especially like the quick adjustments that you can make to the height and the ability to swap quickly between different pieces of equipment. So much easier to use than similar equipment but with the variety to change it.

Went above and beyond to ensure that products were delivered to the standard initially proposed on the kickstarter page. Cannot take this for granted as many kickstarter companies are more than willing to sacrifice on the quality of the final product in order to just get something out to buyers.

You need it, simple!

Brilliant kit and kept up to date when delivery was coming.

Realy has helped revolutionise my training and eager to push my limits