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For Home, Gym, & Outdoor Workouts

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Unbelievably easy to set up and adjust accurately for the specific exercise you want to perform. Very portable.

A real revolution.




The BGR was made with the care that only dedicated enthusiasts could produce. It has quickly become my favorite bit of workout gear.




I purchased these on a whim and love them. They allow me to adjust the length of the straps in seconds. The bar it comes with is excellent too - quite sturdy. I’m new to using rings and am really enjoying this purchase. No regrets.




The versatility of changing from bar to rings and easy height adjustments are fantastic. I am able to do a sequence of exercises all with one piece of gym equipment.




The BGR is easy to use and does as advertised! It holds my weight no problem. I will be using it regularly for my fitness routine.




The BGR is a game changer! The versatility of the product alone offers a minimalistic way to get a great workout in. The ease of which you can transition with the bar and rings in a workout is what I’m most impressed with.



Train Anywhere With The BGR.

For the Trailblazers.

For the Pioneers.

For the Adventurers.

Our Story So Far...

Armed with a passion for bodyweight training, and with zero business experience, see how our fouder created and launched his first fitness innovation.

Our Story


We test single BGR units to hodl 300kg/ 700lbs. Overkill!

YES! However, you will need to get in touch directly and we can manually create your order. Due to shipping complications we are not sending BGRs to the EU directly from the website.

All BGR kits come with 1m anchor straps as standard. the extension straps are 2m in lengh and are for those who wish to attach their BGR to an extremely high attachment point. Most people will not need them.

Each unit contains 2m of straps. With the addition of the 1m anchor straps, you'll have 3m of range to perform hundreds of exercises.

Of course! The BGR is great for group fitness classes. Get in touch to find out the best way we can ship them.

You can get in touch via the contact form, or by emailing and we will be in touch ASAP.

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