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The ultimate 3-in-1 bodyweight and calistheincs training tool.

The BGR is the worlds first retractable and portable gym that includes bars, grips and rings. Workout when and where it suits you!

  • Includes collapsable bars, grips and in BGR.
  • Fits in a small backpack!
  • Patent pending retractable strap system.
  • Super fast, easy and safe to adjust the length of your straps.
  • Choose from 300+ exercise possibilities.

"Oh, hell yeah! The retractable straps and pull-up bar are a game changer! I can't wait to get one"

Dan Graff, USA

The ultimate 3-in-1 fitness tool


The retractable BGR units mean you can now get the attachment points high enough to make use of a pull-up bar (which also folds in two!). Perform pull-ups, chin ups, straight bar dips, and even a muscle up... if you can!


Can't do a pull-up? We got you! Switch out the bar and lengthen the straps to make use of the grips in 'suspension trainer' mode. Perform hundreds of exercises you never though possible now that your balance is enhanced.... it's all in the core ;)


Lets switch it up and add in some ring work, because why not? The rings are perfect for dips, flys, and hanging upside down. One try and you'll be hooked!

The BGR System

With multiple attachments and countless exercises anyone can use the BGR. Time to switch it up!

Take it Anywhere

Bored of working out at home? Grab your BGR
and turn the outdoors into your personal gym.

Limited Availability! Shipping August

What’s included?

The BGR system has everything you need for full body workouts...anywhere!


Do pull-ups anywhere with the collapsible pull-up bar!


Comfortable, sturdy grips with adjustable foot-cradles!


Try new exercises you never thought possible!

Limited Availability! Shipping August

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A must-have!

"This is an absolute must-have for any
personal trainer to have in their bag"

"I'm completely blown away. I'm 225lbs and this held me like a feather."

"The fact that it has a pull-up bar so I can do pull-ups anywhere, mind blown!"

"These are great for learning dips and muscle ups for Crossfit."

"Its so smooth and easy to install. I can put it in my back pack and head anywhere."

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Full BGR System

Perform over 300 exercises anytime and anywhere.



BGR + Extension Straps

Want even more out of your workout? Add in the extension straps to increase range.



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Asked Questions

When will the BGR be ready?

The BGR is a completely new product that was designed during lockdown and we experinced the same supply chain issues as all the established companies. We've overcome those issues now and The BGR is going to propduction in May. We then expect the first round of shipping to take place in August

How do you get the BGR down from a high branch or attachment point?

Use the anchor straps or extender straps to toss over a branch and connect the BGR carabiner to strap loops within reach. See walkthrough video for details:

Do I need to order all three attachments?

At this time, to standardise production and shipping, we are only selling BGR as a full system. The bar, grips, and rings are specifically designed to work with the BGR. In the future, we will move to a customisable model where you can pick and choose what goes into the box. There will also be more attachments to choose from!

Anywhere with
Portable Bars
Grips & Rings

Limited Availability! Shipping August